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Volcanic Hot Stone Massage Course

Fluid Bodywork

Pregnancy Massage

Somatic Psychology for massage therapists

Triggerpoint Treatment

All courses are AAMT approved and will earn you PME points

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Volcanic Hot Stone Massage Course

AAMT Approved Provider
Earn 20 PME points

Hot Stones massage has become a standard spa treatment and can be a truly wonderful or also very disappointing experience for the client. placing hot stones for massage A good Hot Stones massage works
wholistically and is a deeply relaxing and restorative treatment, which heals not only the body but also addresses blockages in the energy system, forming an energetic grid on the body to realign the flow of chi.

Volcanic Hot Stones massage as I teach it, is a flowing full body treatment. We massage the body with and without stones, energize, balance and connect chakras, place stones in specific patterns and use deeper techniques to relax contracted muscles.

Clients regularly report that they fall into a very deep relaxation state after only a few minutes and even the students in the courses can also not relax the pull into a deep letting go.


For you as a practitioner learning this modality has many benefits:

Offering your clients an exciting alternative treatment, which everyone seems
to be curious about!

Setting yourself apart from other therapists

Adding interesting, creative techniques and tools for you to play with

Stimulating and expanding your intuitive channels

Giving you hands and wrists a break



- Qualities of different stones and temperatures, handling equipment
- The Chakra Map of the body
- Chakra functions and disorders
- Energy flow and –blockages
- Stone placement
- Whole body routine
- Deep Tissue massage techniques with stones
- Placement patterns for common problems
- Use of aromatherapy oils in conjunction with the stones

The Hot stones sets consist of a heater with 3 different heat settings and a set of 25 handpicked and oiled Australian Basalt stones.

I am especially happy to be able to offer you Australian stones, as they are high quality volcanic stones and hold the energy of our beautiful continent.

Please contact me with any queries you have

See Photo Gallery!

$ 320.00 , 2 days 9 am - 4 pm
(+ optional: $260.00 Hot Stones set & heater, $190 set only)


October 4-5, 2014

Mullumbimby, NSW

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Fluid Bodywork
Weekend course

AAMT approved provider
  earn 20 PME points




Fluid Bodywork has its roots in a technique called ‘Shifting’ and foremost in ‘Trager’ a comprehensive method developed by Dr Milton Trager. It is a rhythmic, flowing rocking technique of the whole body, which is applied simultaneously with pressure point work and short deep tissue strokes. Fluid Bodywork facilitates deep relaxation of the Bodymind and aims to break up neuromuscular holding patterns, while rocking the client into a freer and lighter feeling. This workshop is suitable for anybody with an interest in touch and healing, the professional therapist and the inexperienced beginner. Fluid Bodywork is easily integrated in any other massage routine, is fun to practice and delicious to receive.

Something to inspire you:

Just one touch can change a world. As Milton Trager said, in effect, if you want to change, you have to have a new experience. Words refer to new experience. But touch is new experience.

You will learn:fluid leg bodywork outdoors
- History, development and theory of Fluid Bodywork
- Fluid Bodywork techniques for all parts of the body
- Hook up and Recall
- Creating and varying rhythm and depth
- Targeting specific problem areas
- Practitioner’s ideal posture and inner approach
- Dealing with resistance
- Learn to incorporate playfulness and fluidity into your massage
- Effective and effortless spinal release
- Creating results with less effort

Course fee: $320.00


November 1-2, 2014


Advanced Fluid Bodywork: October 26, $160




Pregnancy Massage

AAMT logo10 PME points

1 day course

During pregnancy women’s bodies go through drastic changes. Massage during the second and third trimester of pregnancy is very helpful in helping women cope with both the physical and emotional changes that happen.
There are a lot of cautionary issues though to be understood to massage safely during this important time.
During this weekend you will learn about the relevant physical changes and how to accommodate them in your massage and you will be able to deliver a enjoyable, relaxing, safe and remedial pregnancy massage.
You will also learn how to perform postpartum massages.

- Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
- Understanding of the stages of pregnancy
- How to help alleviate non pathological discomforts during pregnancy
- Contraindications to massage
- Safe and comfortable positioning of client
- Adaptation of massage strokes, areas to avoid
- Massage routine for pregnancy
- Post partum massage

Course fee: $160, 1 day 9 am - 4 pm


October 11, 2014

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Somatic Psychology for massage therapists
Weekend coursebody shapes, body types, psychsomatic patterns

This course explores and identifies the connections between tensions in the myofascial layer of the body with attitudes, past experiences and mental patterns that we have developed and methods of releasing them. It combines my 25 years of knowledge and experience in bodywork and psychology.

There will be theoretical teaching components and hands-on practice every day. As somatic patterns develop mostly in the pre-verbal stages of our development, informed bodywork is well suited to assist people in letting go of dysfunctional old patterns and facilitate change towards more choice and freedom in the body-mind. To work effectively and compassionately with the psychological aspects of the body, practitioners need to have experiences of their own holding patterns and their emotional content, so one part of the weekend will focus on experiencing your own embodied self.

We will explore different body types, how they develop and are correlated to character structure and what they need and respond to best in massage and bodywork. You will be exploring your own body type, feeling into your holding patterns and giving them a voice about what they really need to be able to let go. Based on your own experience you will then learn how to identify different types in bodyreading and how to plan your sessions according to each type.

You will learn general simple counselling techniques to use when people touch their psychological wounds in bodywork.
and understand how trauma works. We will discuss what can we do to help people with trauma and which approaches are re-traumatising or not helpful for them. 

You will explore doing bodywork (myofascial) with an emphasis on psychosomatic release, so breaking the patterns of your usual massage practice and incorporating breath work, energy work, simple suggestions and communication, the art of "giving space", "holding resonance" and trusting your intuition and sensitivity. This course is for practitioners only.

Course fee: $ 320.00, 2 days 9 am- 4pm

Dates: August 30-31, 2014

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Triggerpoint Treatment

1 day course

triggerpoint map of the back musclesThis course covers the definition, physiology and causes of triggerpoints,

theories of referred pain,manuals and maps to find relevant Triggerpoints,

the therapeutic Triggerpoint treatment protocol and self-help exercises and tools for clients to use

Course fee: $160 per day


Location: Mullumbimby

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